Unleash the Power of Prime Link with Advanced On-Page and Off-Page Link Tracking

January 11, 2024
Emily Collins
Emily Collins
Emily Collins
Emily Collins
7 mins read

Link building has always been a fundamental part of organic search strategy. While basic features like click tracking can provide insight, advanced metrics are needed to fully understand link opportunities and optimize networks. Prime Link offers powerful on-page and off-page link tracking tools to take link analysis to new heights.

On-Page Link Tracking
Through event tracking, Prime Link captures valuable data about how visitors interact with internal site links. This includes:

Link Click Rate - Compare click-through rates of top-linking pages for optimization ideas.

Scroll Depth - See which pages most engage users and improve weak areas.

Time on Page - Long dwell times indicate valuable resources; short may need improvement.

Exit Links - Analyze exit links to know where to create more in-site traffic loops.

Geolocation - Understand global traffic and support regional link needs.

This level of granular insight transforms dead links into vibrant engines of both on-site engagement and off-site referral traffic.

Off-Page Link Tracking
Priming Link makes the invisible visible by revealing analytics on external links as well. Identify:

Backlink Portfolio - Audit all referring domains and high quality sites for potential opportunities.

Anchor Text Analysis - Optimize weak or underperforming anchors for increased relevance.

Topical Authority - Find new angles or verticals where your expertise could contribute value.

International Network - Leverage a global platform by building localized authority.

Broken Links - Proactively reach out to resolve errors or request links are updated if outdated.

Armed with these tools, outreach genuinely benefits partners while sharpening your own profile authority on search. It's a true win-win collaboration.

Advanced Reporting
Take analysis further by layering on Prime Link's advanced segmentation. Identify top referring sites by:

  • Geography
  • Device
  • Keywords
  • Traffic Source
  • Date/Time

This level of granularity guides campaigns, helps measure multi-channel ROI, and spots emerging trends. Customizable breakdowns accommodate any analysis need.

In today's ultra-competitive search environment, leveraging all available link data advantages gives you an edge. Prime Link's advanced tracking tools streamline auditing huge graphs while providing invaluable off-page strategy direction. It's a must-have for powering sophisticated, data-driven SEO.

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